Corporate Sponsorships

Cleveland Park gazebo

Our Mission

Spartanburg Parks has a strong interest in building relationships with community partners. There are many opportunities for our corporate partners to support parks!

Corporate sponsorship is…

  • A financial investment made by a company in exchange for commercial benefits
  • A marketing tool used by companies to increase sales, target markets, and enhance imaging

The parks and events of Spartanburg Parks can offer high visibility. Our purpose is to promote a positive, healthy lifestyle through teaching leisure skills which encourage active participation, enhance physical, mental and social wellness and strengthens a sense of family and community. Corporate sponsorship can create the perfect venue for increasing sales. Our parks and events are the ideal platform for reaching a lucrative market, and we offer a variety of ways to ensure that your name is associated with quality activities. A growing number of companies are becoming involved in event sponsorship marketing as a targeted promotional campaign and as a mean to reach a specific audience! Your sponsorship contributions also help Spartanburg Parks achieve its goal of making Spartanburg a better place to live!

For more information please contact Director of Public Relations and Development Marcia Murff at (864) 804-5554 or

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