What Is a VSP Center?

Seniors exercising with chairs and balls
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VSP Center is a mark of excellence among the community centers operated by the Spartanburg County Parks Department. VSP stands for Very Special Place. To be designated a VSP Center, a community center must have the following characteristics:

  • An attractive and welcoming building, including a comfortable gathering room, an indoor exercise facility, classrooms in which participants can expand skills or explore new activities, as well as multi-purpose room for group dining, group exercise classes, games, and other forms of socialization.
  • A volunteer advisory council to assist in the governance of the center, provide suggestions for center programs, and assist in the development and implementation of programs.
  • An active group of volunteer program providers: citizens who donate their time and talents to provide health and wellness programs to help participants at their community center and other community centers.
  • A defined and well-promoted schedule of programs, driven by the interests expressed by program participants. The programs may be provided at no cost or for a small fee, depending on the cost of the program being provided.
  • Customers who are dedicated to maintaining and improving their wellness by getting involved in 50 and older Wellness programs.