Mission, Vision & Values


Spartanburg County's Mission is to steward an environment where all people have diverse opportunities to learn, do business, and live a quality life.


Spartanburg County's Strategic Vision focuses on five equal and interconnected visions:

  1. Accelerate the improvement of county roads
  2. Make strategic use of land to foster both quality of life and economic growth
  3. Strike optimal balance between attracting corporate presence and supporting the growth and thriving of small businesses
  4. Expand access to housing that is affordable
  5. Champion a vibrant downtown



We will embrace the diversity of people, places, resources, and perspectives throughout the County by seeking and considering the input and interests of our stakeholders in our decision-making. This culture of inclusion will increase trust with stakeholders, strengthen relationships, and improve our decision-making.


We are accountable to the citizens of Spartanburg County. As stewards of the public's resources, we acknowledge the public is counting on us - We must set and exceed expectations that ensure our intentions, words, and deeds are beyond reproach. We answer to each other, we answer to the citizens, and we answer to every person that lives, works, visits, and plays in Spartanburg County.


In today's complex environment, no one sector or entity can work without the support of others. We will seek, establish and leverage cross-sector partnerships with community-based organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and other governmental entities to collectively build a better Spartanburg County.


We will strive to effectively communicate in a purposeful and concise fashion. We will share information in an appropriate and timely manner with our stakeholders.

Servant Leadership

We seek first to serve. As servant leaders we will foster an environment that places the best interest of the public first, as demonstrated by our mission-driven decision-making. Servant leadership demands that we set aside personal differences and focus on what's best for those we serve.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement means we will align our decisions, services, and policies with the vision, mission, and values of this plan. This is a path that we walk together toward a common goal. Opinions may differ, approaches may vary and we may not always agree, but we have a collective commitment, even in difficult times to remain true to the mission, keep our eyes on the vision, and make values-based decisions to meet the goals and objectives in this plan.