Youth Sports

Youth playing baseball


The Spartanburg County Parks Department recognizes the value of youth sports to instill strong and positive character in young boys and girls. Sports can help a young person learn important life lessons, such as how to work hard, persevere, be a team player, set goals, and follow rules.

Volunteer Associations

The Spartanburg County Parks Department does not sponsor any youth recreational athletic leagues. Instead, we are proud to partner with a number of volunteer Youth Athletic Associations to provide opportunities for the youth of Spartanburg County. The Youth Athletic Associations provide the organization of leagues and coaches for the leagues. The Spartanburg County Parks Department maintains sports fields and schedules use of the fields to maximize the utilization of the available field resources.

Code of Conduct

All Youth Athletic Associations sign an annual permit stating that they must abide by certain standards of conduct and responsible management of their programs. By agreeing to comply with the conditions of the permit and by involving large numbers of Spartanburg children, these groups are charged a low price per team and receive first priority in field assignments Mondays through Thursdays. 

Athletic Fees

Team fees and rental fees are set annually by the Spartanburg County Council as part of the County budget process and cannot be waived or reduced by the Spartanburg County Parks Department staff.