Youth Athletic Association Code of Conduct

Young child kicking soccer ball

Code of Conduct Rules

  1. Youth Athletic Associations (YAAs) must obtain approval for any activities that are not on the regular game/practice or use schedule. YAAs must obtain prior approval from the Spartanburg County Parks Department (SCPD) for any field or facility improvements.
  2. YAAs must provide all information requested by the SCPD and must pay all fees on time.
  3. YAAs must inform SCPD Operations staff of field problems or schedule changes.
  4. Members of the YAAs must treat other YAAs, officials, and SCPD employees with courtesy and respect. YAAs must require all their staff, coaches, volunteers, and agents to conduct themselves as good role models exemplifying good sportsmanship, cooperation, and appropriate behavior.
  5. YAAs must refrain from publicly airing-through the news media, social media, or other channels-perceived issues and grievances before making an attempt to resolve the perceived issues and grievances with the SCPD Operations Manager, Director, or County Administration.
  6. YAAs must enforce and abide by all Spartanburg County laws, rules, and policies as well as SCPD regulations and procedures. YAAs must inform members of all Spartanburg County laws, rules, and policies as well as regulations and procedures, including those policies which state that the consumption of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages on property owned or managed by the SCPD is prohibited.
  7. YAAs must act as a good caretakers and custodians of all Spartanburg County property by avoiding any activity that is unlawful, improper, offensive, or which may damage the facilities. YAAs must clean up trash after each use, must use lights only when needed, and must turn them off after use.
  8. YAAs must assist the SCPD in protecting public safety by evacuating teams from fields whenever a lightning detection warning sounds.
  9. YAAs must provide the SCPD Operations staff with current registration and promotional materials.
  10. YAAs must require all coaches to obtain NAYS (National Alliance for Youth Sports) certification, or equivalent or greater certification, with prior approval by the SCPD.
  11. YAAs must report to the SCPD persons who commit vandalism or otherwise damage public property or who utilize sports fields for unauthorized purposes.

Monitoring Adult Leadership with Background Checks

YAAs must validate the quality of adult leadership by conducting and/or authorizing annual criminal background checks on all persons acting as head coaches, assistant coaches, board members, and any person acting in an official capacity with any organization directly overseeing the VRG's youth activities. YAAs shall adopt and publish a criminal background check policy to be used for determining an individual's eligibility to coach. These checks shall be conducted prior to the beginning of each playing season and shall remain valid for the duration of this permit. 

YAAs shall employ a reputable company to conduct such checks. YAAs shall establish a policy as to how its criminal background checks will be processed and will pay for the cost of each check. Should an individual be disqualified as a result of the check, the YAA must prohibit that individual from serving in any official capacity with YAA activities and must notify the SCPD Operations staff of disqualifications.